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Jerry L Barrett - Fine Artist

Jerry L Barrett

Jerry L Barrett

Austin, TX - United States


Jerry L. Barrett has become a popular oil and mixed media artist. Although his style is often regarded as abstract realism, his work does not strictly fall in that category. His paintings are complex in composition and executed amazingly detailed and visually very dynamic. His paintings have realistic elements, but above all a colorful and action oriented atmosphere. He sets a high benchmark for all his works and seeks to achieve a high quality level of presentation. Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed. Many interesting effects can be achieved by using mixed media. Often, found objects are used in conjunction with traditional artist media, such as paints and graphite, to express a meaning in the everyday life. In this manner, many different elements of art become more flexible than with traditional artist media.

For as long as I can remember, art has been an important part of my personal identity. To be able to capture the world around me and express how I see it, how I feel it and how it affects me. This is what drives me to paint. Art can express many facets of the human experience. My goal is to express its unique colorful action, in beautiful and lyrical ways.

My composition and subject matter is usually grounded in realism. That is to say that you can find an interesting story to tell in the common experiences and sites we witness daily. I enjoy using vibrant and stimulating, rich colors to bring out the life of the objects and figures presented. I paint from the viewer’s perspective, to involve the viewer with my vision. I already see the painting completed on the empty canvas. My challenge is to present it in a unique, colorful, and action oriented way, that the viewer will enjoy.

My goal is to bring to you the very best quality original art, limited edition prints, and fine prints; that will intrigue everyone who sees them. The artwork on this site will change often. I hope you come back soon. I will make every effort to assure you will be glad you did.




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